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    - CHEESECAKE BOUTIQUE - CHEESECAKECHINO'S SHOP ONLINE celebrate a special day with unique flavors, such as the "The Heart Seeker"-Perfect for Valentines Rich Chocolate covered strawberries on a creamy delightful cheesecake, click more for details SHOP ALL > Valentines exclusive Quick View Heart Seeker Add to Cart Load More Get "The Heart Seeker" about CHEESECAKE CHINOS Cheesecake Chinos is where you are guaranteed to meet the cake you have been waiting for all your life. The most common question asked is, “What’s my favorite flavor?”. My response, “I love all my babies the same!”. These are New York Style Cheesecakes and each has its own personality, which is made up of a smooth filling, rich crust, plus specific toppings relevant to the flavor you desire. I am just a matchmaker, so for whatever occasion and/or mood you are in, all you have to do is place an order and the proper cure for your SWEET tooth will be prescribed. Easiest way to order is calling/texting the number at the bottom of the page or messaging me on Facebook/Instagram. Have a blessed day and I am looking forward to fulfilling your expectations. About “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with cheesecake chino's.” - Brian Obeso - our artisan treats QUALITY HANDCRAFTED CHEESECAKES Let yourself indulge in the world of cheesecakes with Cheesecake Chinos. Try every flavor you have ever wanted and more, because these cakes are made to order and guarantee your satisfaction every time. If you love cheesecake and you love cake, then Cheesecake Chinos is the place to go. Our New York Style Cheesecakes will satisfy your cravings with our many delicious flavors, each with its own personality. From the sweet filling to the rich crust and topped with specific toppings that are relevant to their flavor, our cakes are sure to be a hit at any type of event or gathering. I do Personal, Catering, and even Wholesale (ask about rates), Order online or by phone/text today! Contact


    POLICIES, SHIPPING/REFUNDS & HANDLING SHIPPING POLICY We offer cheesecake deliveries up to 50 miles from our location in Deltona, FL. Deliveries are based on the physical delivery address and are assessed a delivery charge. REFUND POLICY All items of the order must be returned on the next available business operating day with at least 80% of the product for a store credit to be considered. Saturday orders we must be notified in a written email of the issue with photographs by no later than Sunday 3pm – to Brian@CheesecakeChinos.com Upon receipt of your email and photographs, we will decide whether a store credit is required. Not adhering to these policies will forfeit all monies. All Sales Are Final. No Exceptions. All orders require a 50% nonrefundable deposit/retainer. All major cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) and cash. All orders that require delivery – payment must be paid in full 1 day (24 hours) prior to delivery. Cakes will not be delivered unless the payment is received. We do not accept cash-on-delivery (COD). Cancellations: The 50% retainer/deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable – this secures your order and is retained as a booking fee. All Sales Are Final. No Exceptions. If the cake is paid in full at the time of the cancellation and is not within 7 days of pickup, then 50% of the full payment can be issued as a credit. If you are in need of postponing your order to another date, please call the Brian directly — please do not email. Wedding Orders, please see your contract for cancellation policy. Once the 50% deposit has been placed, be it is unable to be refunded Before placing the order, ensure the date, size, number, and flavor(s) are correct. Alterations are available to be made within 24 hours of order if delivery date is more than 72 hours in advance. PICK-UP POLICY If you are unhappy with your order, please bring the matter to our attention before you leave. Once you retrieve your order, we cannot help you solve any issues – all sales are final. You will be asked to sign a waiver on large cake orders (3 or more) when you choose to personally pick up. This release states that the order was acceptable to your preference, and once you leave the premises, the cakes become your responsibility. Due to difference in cheesecake sizes and packaging, all boxes may not be available for the size of your order. We will cover and protect the cheesecake to your satisfaction before you leave, with the materials we have. On some occasions, we will not put your cakes in a box/domed tray depending on the size of the order. Custom packaging is available for an additional charge. ​ ​ ​ ​ How Long Does Cheesecake Last: Fridge Freezer 5 – 7 days 2 months Leftovers should be refrigerated to retain the cheesecakes’ freshness and moisture. Cover with plastic wrap and/or foil to keep the cake from drying out. We suggest storage in an airtight container. Keep your cheesecake well covered to prevent moisture and other pollutants from getting into the cake. Most cheesecakes can be kept in the freezer up to 2 months and later thawed before serving. If the temperature is over 90 degrees during transport or serving, you should dispose of cake after 1 hour. Defrosting Cheesecake The most effective method of defrosting a frozen cheesecake is to remove it from the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. This method is most effective for full cakes. For individual slices, thaw them for 45–60 minutes in the refrigerator or at room temperature before serving. Cheesecake Chinos assumes no liability for product that has been mishandled after purchase whether commercial or personal use. HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS

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