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    Cheesecake Chinos
  • Where your SWEET tooth cravings
    are delightfully satisfied!

Our Story

Cheesecake Chinos is where you are guaranteed to meet the cake you have been waiting for all your life. The most common question asked is, “What’s my favorite flavor?”. My response, “I love all my babies the same!”. These are New York Style Cheesecakes and each has its own personality, which is made up of a smooth filling, rich crust, plus specific toppings relevant to the flavor you desire. I am just a matchmaker, so for whatever occasion and/or mood you are in, all you have to do is place an order and the proper cure for your SWEET tooth will be prescribed. Easiest way to order is calling/texting the number at the bottom of the page or messaging me on Facebook/Instgram. Have a blessed day and I am looking forward to fulfilling your expectations.


The Treasures

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Missing view, please choose view"